A Mechanistic Computer Program

The Washington State DOT has developed a layered elastic-based software package called the Everseries Pavement Analysis Programs (Sivaneswaran, Pierce and Mahoney, 2001[1]).  Everseries (for short) contains three independent programs:

  1. Layered elastic analysis (Everstress)
  2. FWD pavement modulus backcalculation (Evercalc)
  3. Flexible pavement overlay design (Everpave)

To install the Everseries programs on your computer, click the install button below:



  • These programs must be installed on to your computer before you can use them.  During the installation you will be prompted to specify a location to which they can be installed.
  • Once installed, the programs and their supporting files take about 3.34 MB of disk space.
  • The programs are designed for Windows operating systems.

The Everseries Pavement Analysis Programs can also be downloaded from the Washington State DOT Materials Lab at: http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/Business/MaterialsLab/PavementGuide.htm.   Volume 3 of the WSDOT Pavement Guide (WSDOT, 1998[2]) is available at the same site for download and contains detailed instructions on how to run the Everseries programs.



PAVEXpress also covers Mechanistic Pavement Design!


Footnotes    (↵ returns to text)
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  2. WSDOT Pavement Guide.  Washington State Department of Transportation.  Olympia, WA.