Small pieces of PCC that break loose from the surface leaving small divots or pock marks. Popouts range from 25 – 100 mm (1 – 4 inches) in diameter and from 25 – 50 mm (1 – 2 inches) deep.

Large popouts.
Figure 1: Large popouts.

Popout close-up.
Figure 2: Popout close-up.


Roughness, usually an indicator of poor material

Possible Causes

Popouts usually occur as a result of poor aggregate durability. Poor durability can be a result of a number of items such as:

  • Poor aggregate freeze-thaw resistance
  • Expansive aggregates
  • Alkali-aggregate reactions


Isolated low severity popouts may not warrant repair. Larger popouts or a group of popouts can generally be repaired with a partial depth patch.