Asphalt Additives


Asphalt additives are any of a number of substances that can be added to the asphalt binder to alter the characteristics of the final blend of HMA.


Sasol production meets about 30% of South Africa’s transportation fuel needs. There are two major plants in South Africa, one at Sasolburg, which is a natural gas raw feed, (formerly coal) and one at Secunda, which is a coal raw feed.

Production at Sasolburg

  1. Step 1: Natural gas is reformed into CO and H2.
  2. Step 2: CO and H2 is processed through two F-T plants which produce hydrocarbon compounds that require further processing.
  3. Step 3: Hydrocarbon compounds from the F-T processing are further refined through various distillation processes.
  4. Step 4: Various waxes produced by Sasol are processed for shipping.

Sasol wax and paving applications

Paving oriented wax products include:

  • Sasobit : Compaction aid and WMA
  • Sasolwax Flex: SBS-Sasobit co-modifier for bitumen
  • Sasolwax Link TX: A cross linking agent for bitumen which aids SBS additives.
  • Sasolwax BituGlide: Reduces or eliminates asphalt sticking to truck beds and roller wheels.


Sasobit is a Sasol wax, with a 102°C melting point. It is notable for its low viscosity: dynamic viscosity at 135°C is 12cP (ASTM D4402). Sasobit wax is 100% soluble in bitumen, and is used in small amounts (typically 1 to 1.5% of the binder is replaced with Sasobit) for WMA and as a compaction aid.