There’s a lot of talk about the potential for paperless e-Construction initiatives to increase productivity, decrease communication delays and improve the day-to-day experience on the part of everyone involved in transportation construction management. But how effective is it, in practice? And why has its implementation proven to be so difficult? The e-Construction in Practice initiative is a series of peer exchanges and educational resources that aim to answer those questions for our community.



  • E-Construction in Practice: A Peer Exchange with WSDOT and TxDOT
    On January 27th, 2016, Dr. Steve Muench, Associate Professor at the University of Washington, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering hosted a one-hour virtual peer exchange with professional engineers Roxi Garcia, of TxDOT, and Derek Case, of WSDOT. Both offered revealing perspectives on the challenges associated with undertaking e-Construction initiatives while providing realistic expectations on processes and tool implementations based on first-hand experience. Read a summary of key takeaways and Q&As from the community here.