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HeadLight delivers game-changing Project Intelligence through a combination of real-time information, communications and insights. The platform combines dynamic collaboration with intuitive tools to provide powerful benefits, from accelerating project delivery and increasing accountability to defending claims and audits.

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The PAVEXpress Scoping Tool is a simplified pavement design tool to help engineers and pavement decision-makers analyze pavement structures and create technically sound structural designs. It was developed by Pavia Systems, with generous sponsorship from the NAPA, the APA, and a consortium of state asphalt pavement associations.

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Rapid Road Rehabilitation (R3 for shorthand) is an application suite developed by Pavia Systems in 2016 to address the growing needs of state transportation agencies to rehabilitate existing highway facilities. R3 consists of three construction scoping applications that can quantify and balance considerations for pavement design, construction productivity, work zone traffic impacts, as well as both agency and user costs associated with a paving project.

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The rePave Scoping Tool and accompanying resources located here are the products of the SHRP 2 R23 study to develop Guidelines for Long Life Pavement Renewal. The study, Scoping Tool, and accompanying resources focus on long life options (30-50 years).

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Moisture Susceptibility

Based on the modified Lottman test, expresses resistance to moisture damage using a ratio of tensile strength retained after conditioning to simulate field performance.

Theoretical Maximum Specific Gravity

This calculator will determine the theoretical maximum specific gravity of a mix sample that has been weighed either in water or in air.

Flexural Fatigue

Calculations using flexural fatigue test results to determine maximum tensile stress, maximum tensile strain, stiffness and dissipated energy.

Gradation Test

Using Fuller and Thompson’s equation, this calculator will determine the maximum density gradation for a given aggregate size.

1993 AASHTO Flexible Pavement Design

Empirical equation for structural design of flexible pavements using the 1993 AASHTO Guide for Design of Pavement Structures.

1993 AASHTO Rigid Pavement Design

Empirical equation for structural design of rigid pavements using the 1993 AASHTO Guide for Design of Pavement Structures.

WSDOT ESAL Calculator

This calculator estimates the equivalent single axle loads (ESALs) for a pavement based on a traffic count and projected traffic growth.

Time Available for Compaction Application

Web-based Tool to assist in making rapid decisions regarding cool-weather paving and determining the time available for compaction of the mix for common weather and road conditions.

Coarse Aggregate Angularity (CAA)
Calculate the percentage of particles with the specified number of fractured faces.
Fine Aggregate Specific Gravity
These masses are used to calculate the various specific gravities and absorption.
Fine Aggregate Angularity (FAA)

Calculate the uncompacted air voids.

Sand Equivalent Interactive Equation
Calculate the sand equivalent using the following equation.
Los Angeles Abrasion Equation
Determine the percent loss as a percentage of the original sample mass.
Soundness Equation
For each aggregate size reported, determine the mass loss (in percent).
Flat & Elongated Particles Equation
Calculate the percentage of flat, elongated, or flat and elongated particles for each specified sieve size.